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Istanbul Bosphorus Yacht

When you come to Istanbul,wouldnt you like to reward yourself with a luxury yatch cruise enjoying the Bosphorus…?

It is impossible not the amazed by this unique view where blue and history mingle with eachother…You can decorate your yatch cruise with an elegant meal on the boat,lift your champagne classes while wacthing the glorious glow of the Bosphrous Bridge in the middle of the two continents,or u can get off ur boat and want to have your meal in the most delicious restorants of Istanbul Bosphrous


Galata port,which is one of the oldest and natural port of istanbul at the point of connects Asia to Europe,which u can only see in istanbul in the sweet breeze of the sea,Ortakoy mosque,Dolmabahçe palace,Çiragan palace,Rumeli fortress,Beylerbeyi Palace, Maiden’s Tower, Anatolian Fortress and Topkapi Palace. It is your right to have the chance to see the works that have been carried from history to the present.

We expect you to Istanbul with us through our eyes.

Private Bosphorus yacht tours

With our private Bosphorus tours, you can enjoy Istanbul sightseeing tours throughout both Europe and Asia.
You can book a private yacht charter for you and your companion to enjoy the tour.
The private sightseeing tour will take approximately 2 hours during the course where you can enjoy the highest level of comfort and relax by watching the peaceful travels in the surrounding area with private yacht charter.

Private Bosphorus tours

It will be a very impressive and unforgettable experience to see the city of Istanbul from the Bosphorus by joining our cruise tours. We provide a private yacht for your own use only, so you can soak up the atmosphere in your own privacy by strolling around the popular tourist destinations of the Bosphorus on the European and Asian coasts. You can also have a great look at the coastal palaces and villas of the sultans and their Pashas. Sit comfortably and enjoy the magnificent view of the Dolmabahçe Palace, Rumeli Fortress, Çirağan Palace, the European Side of the Bosphorus Bridge, as well as the Asian side of the Bosphorus and much more.

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We organize your private Bosphorus tour with everything you need to relax in the private lounge and enjoy the easiest tour. The crew members of private yacht charters are very friendly and take care of everything to give you the best possible service while making a wonderful sightseeing tour. The private Bosphorus tour runs daily throughout the week and is suitable for couples, families and friends in groups. Therefore, if you are looking for the best and the great, we recommend that you book with us to take advantage of our service.

– If photography is your passion, this is the best tour for you as you can capture breathtaking views of the seaside palaces, mosques, mansions and boats from small to large.
– We also offer free tea or coffee to our guests on board.

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Yacht Rental Capacity

If you are a small group of up to 10 people, a standard size charter is arranged otherwise we will arrange for larger groups such as families or friends with more than 12 members as we have a wide range of yachts of all sizes to suit all needs. . Send an e-mail about your needs and we will contact you.

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Contact us for the price as we currently have great offers. A light breakfast, birthday cake or lunch or dinner, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are permanently available on our yachts.

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